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At  SJS, the advantages of the house system have been mainfold. The house provide not only an increased feeling of identity and belonging. They also provide students with a sense of tradition and abundant leadership opportunities.

Our House system has seen a marked change in the attitude of students as a result of establishment of the house. It inculcates in the students the values of the spirit, commitment, loyalty, sharing and healthy competition. Because of the competition and the identification of each student with a house, there is constant encouragement for students to do their best.  The positive attitudes of the students towards one another and toward the school have been quite amazing since the program started.  Another benefit of the house system is that leadership opportunities are available to the students.

At SJS, each student is placed in one of the four houses – ARYABHATTA,ROHINI,APOLLO AND BHASKARA.  A House Captain are assisted by a Vice-Captain.  A member of the staff is assisted by several other teachers act as the House Master /  house Mistress. Points are awarded to the students throughout the year for co-curricular activities through inter house competitions in sports, Debates, Quiz, Arts & Music and Prizes /  Trophies are awarded accordingly. At the end of the academic session, the house gaining the highest point is awarded the running trophy.

The aim of the House system is to inculcate and develop the qualities of leadership, public speaking; organizational skills among the students through various inter house competitions and school functions.

1. Aryabhatta House: Named after the renowned Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta, this house encourages students to excel in mathematics, science, and technology. It promotes logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Rohini House: Named after a prominent constellation in Hindu astronomy, Rohini House focuses on fostering creativity, artistic expression, and cultural awareness. Students in this house often participate in activities related to the arts, music, and literature.

3. Apollo House: Named after the ancient Greek god of music, poetry, and art, Apollo House emphasizes leadership, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Students in this house often engage in various sports and athletic competitions.

4. Bhaskara House: Named after the Indian mathematician and astronomer Bhaskara I and II, this house is dedicated to nurturing academic excellence across various subjects. It promotes intellectual curiosity, research, and a thirst for knowledge.

Each house provides a unique platform for students to showcase their talents, develop skills, and contribute positively to their school community.

Role and Responsibilities of House In-charge

  • Working under overall guidance of the Principal to ensure smooth management of the house and maintenance of House discipline.
  • Motivating all the student members of the house to participate in inter-house co-curricular events and other activities.
  • Delegating duties to House tutors for grooming and ably managing the various teams for Inter House activities.
  • Working ceaselessly with the House tutors towards bringing the best out of the students.
  • Appointing the House Captains.
  • Providing rules of activity and updated category wise list of students to the captain of activity
  • Guiding the captain of the activity for selection of suitable students for making teams.
  • Suggesting names of prospective candidates for Prefect ship.
  • Carrying out all other duties assigned by the Principal.

All the Houses shall perform the following duties by rotation:

  • To conduct the Morning Assembly.
  • To deliver the “Thought” in the form of a short speech in the Assembly.
  • To check the late comers and mark in their diaries.
  • To help in maintaining order and discipline during the recess period.
  • To participate enthusiastically in all Intra-House and Inter-House contest.


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