About School


St. John’s School established by (Apex Education Society,Jodhpur) with the avowed object of serving in the field of education selflessly for the cause of education conceived by our Chairman and Founder, Shri (Er.) Ram Niwas Choudhary. His vision has helped us in shaping up career aspirations. This school is located at Pal bypass with beautiful building spread in 8 acres with a build up area and with spacious playground , lush landscaped lawns, dotted with plants, ferns and petals that give to the building a scenic environment which soothes the nerves and de-stresses the mind.

At St. John’s School, we are always open to change. The management of the school inspires the staff, the students and the parents to accept change as an irrefutable law of nature. So,we are perpetually innovative.

  1. We continuously update our knowledge, skills and attitudes and upgrade our infrastructure.

  2. Needless to say that we cannot accomplish these and the other activities without the encouragement and co-operation of our management, various educational authorities, the staff, the parents and the students. So, we always feel beholden to them and hope that their blessings, guidance, co-operation and good wishes will always remain available to us.


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